The rapid development of elevators in the world and in Iran led to the fact that in 2015 Simataksun  Company,  this company a leader in the supply and production of elevator equipment and with more than thirty years of experience in the field Elevator and its parts, as well as being the parent company of a number of subsidiary companies active in the field of elevators and escalators, and Turin Drive Company, as one of the largest manufacturers of traction motors in the world, by concluding a memorandum of understanding to establish a joint venture company for the production Traction motors without gearbox with Sitor brand in Iran. The brand name Sitor is also derived from the combination of the business titles of two companies, Simataksun and Torindrive. 

  Sitor  factory in Salafchegan special commercial area of ​​Qom province has won the satisfaction of its customers by producing and assembling elevator traction motors with high quality